Making your search experience easy

By Flame Stock

A birds eye view

Dive in

Starting your search with just the base word will yield a variety of options, this broad start will ensure you don’t exclude relevant choices. Adding a plural can often expand options too.

Our collection is organised in a way that also allows you to View all from this contributor. There are clips from projects shot by one contributor which can be one theme, one location, or one style. It’s a great option if you need assets that feel like they are all part of a compilation.

Browse with descriptors

Describing the style of clip, you’re looking for can help the search, for instance aerial or birds eye view, macro shot, closeup or landscape will all deliver exciting visuals. Refine your search just a little more, for example, a bird’s eye view of the ocean, a macro shot of a leaf improve your chance of finding the perfect shot

Be specific

Searching for details like blur or copy space as a general search term will give you a range of choices when you need to place text on video.

No Results doesn’t mean we don’t have what you need

If you don’t find the clip in your first search, try phrasing your search differently. Using related keywords will showcase different results. For example, the search terms – moon, moonlight, half moon, even night sky will all display differing results, and yet all could be relevant to your video needs.

If all else fails then use our clip Search Service

Tell us about the concept or brief, or specific details of the clip you’re after and we’ll search our files for the perfect shot.  If we don’t have it, we’ll reach out to our contributor network to try and find what you’re after.

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